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Welcome toHip united

HIP United brings Health In Progress alternative services through
virtually supporting the wellness needs of each individual

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About us

What is Hip?



Humanity, Holistic, Heal

Each lives journey is determined by their quality of health. We promote holistic alternatives for optimal wellness to heal ourselves, each other and humanity.



Individually, Interconnect, Invest

In or Out? It's a simple personal question we must individually ask ourselves. If your answer is "in" then let's interconnect and invest in yourself!



People, Plants, Planet

The only way forward is with Progress! It starts with people, the nourishment of plants and the overall health of our planet.


Our Holistic philosophy

Your journey is your own; take care

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    Health In Progress

    Self check and reflect daily
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    Humanity Is our Purpose

    Give back through compassion
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    Healing Is Personal

    Your journey is your own; take care

Hip United brings Health In Progress with alternative services through virtually supporting the wellness needs of each individual.

Who we are

Our Company

Hip United is a digital network made up of holistic health supportive resources that through a self serve, a la carte menu, users can access wellness options and tools that are intended for all lives.

Our Health In Progress mission means that we recognise the barriers faced in healthcare globally and acknowledge that striving towards wholeness is the number one way to combat problems at the surface level before they accumulate into larger issues.

HIP United is the 1st VIRTUAL HOLISTIC HEALTH DIRECTORY that connects people to professionals, products, & services & that connects those who provide them with the people.

Our mission for bringing globally accessible alternatives altogether is what makes us HIP. A "Health In Progress" is about finding what works for our overall care and naturally allowing it to support our lives from within.

We promise, when a lifestyle is ignited, it's when wellness is United.

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Get United with a Virtual Directory of

Holistic Health Alternative
Global Providers

Have you lost time and money signing up for memberships and classes in the past?
Do you still not feel 100% after a therapy session or good day at the office?
Are you not sure what you need and feel overwhelmed?
HIP United let's you regain control of your life. with no contracts, no commitments and no commutes! find the positive alternatives RISK FREE. take time for sanity and well-being
There is no need to go anywhere else as soon,
our community will provide all the motivation you need.
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SUPPORT Virtual Holistic Health Marketplace and E-Learning Platform
putting You and Wellness together as One.


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So, we said it was free & we meant it but....

We are down to the final countdown with only a few pieces left to go building this Hip Mothership & your support is appreciated towards helping us launch the Health In Progress plans ahead.

But that's not all because for all those who help to fuel our take-off, we will return the love with a wellness early bird from our partners at which includes:
One month of FREE therapy ($300 value)

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Get ready to UNITE
the minute we ignite!


Users Benefit With

These extraordinary features make self improvement fun, efficient and customized to your personal wellness needs.

  • Accessible variety of wellness optionsimage
  • Virtual servicesimage
  • 24/7 global hostsimage
  • VIP user experience availableimage
  • Discretion and privacyimage
  • Comfortable setting based on your own preferencesimage
  • imageAbility to do more in less time
  • imageNo patient waiting rooms
  • imageLoyalty reward program
  • image Digital Community
  • image Pandemic proof, consistency
  • imageUnique, think out of the box alternatives for treatments
Our Belief

from The Founder

Do all things with intention, strive for balance & embrace your forever Health In Progress because it's a full-time job that forever controls the Quality of Life we set out to live. Remember that "HIP" is all lives, everyday that they are living, so take good care of yourself, each other & all the living things around you with gratitude & compassion. Health In Progress is what Unites all Lives,
Holistic Wellness is what Unites our Self.

Amie Reiman

“ It's time to transform the overall health of people, plants and our planet. With compassion, we aim to diversify, disrupt and provide sustainable, holistic alternatives to complement the wellness needs of all human beings ”


Service Providers

Host AT Hip

Have a class, workshop, course, session, event or therapy to offer?

List on your terms

Simply sign up to list in our Global Holistic Directory and control the price, schedule and number of users allowed – we will do the rest!

Holistic Industry Partners


HIP United Partners provide each HIP VIP user with annual perks, exclusive offers, trialed
services & even free products!

Partnership program benefits are only available through HIP VIP experience upgrade & already value over 2000. (& we have only just begun!)

Don't pass up our limited time offer to become a HIP VIP user for only $4.99/month.

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Asked Questions

Don’t find an answer to something you had on your mind? Reach out and someone will
get back to you within 48 hours.

Hip United does not require formal wellness credentials. We believe that many adults can offer rewarding teachings based on their experience and interests. All Service Providers will consent to our Terms and Conditions.

We have put together a sample list of virtual holistic tools you can find here

We recommend all providers follow our Community Guidelines and Best Practices Guide for tips, tricks and general insights as to creating the experience we know our Users will enjoy.

No!   We only ask that you share your qualifications and experience on your Provider landing page.

All licensed professionals should check the box in the provider account set up and one of our HIP Care Specialists will reach out to complete the onboarding in respect to Patient/Client communications and health data privacy policies.

  • Listed Services must compliment one or more of the 8 health pillars: physical, mental, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, vocational and environmental.
  • Listings can cater to individual bookings, groups or event size numbers of attendees.
  • We generally suggest offering a range of appointments or sessions including short-form introductory classes that meet or are hosted regularly,  as well as longer form recurrent packages.
  • Global “Zones” indicate where and when the listing timezone is hosted from and make it easier for users to locate listings that appeal to the hours being hosted.
  • Listing formats can also range so we have provided a Listing Legend to understand the hosting/booking virtual format terminology.

Events are based on the service’s desire to host more than 15 users.  These may include but are not limited to interactive demonstrations, live streams for virtual attendees, webinars and speaking engagements, brand demonstrations, product launches, lunch and learns, group meditations, fitness boot camps, financial workshops, motivational speakers, comedy shows, art therapy, dance, social clubs, coach hosted networking functions and do it yourself experiential activations.

Events are hosted in the virtual directory and also on Hip United’s Event Calendar.  Each listed event will also be featured through the HIP United media network free of charge at our discretion.

Hosts can simply apply their Event Listing through our booking system in a matter of minutes and will have the option to request additional advertising, paid promotions and special features like customized virtual platform layouts if desired.

Yes!  You can register as a User and we will have a specific portal for product submissions when we go LIVE!  Until then, please share your brand, images, url links to your e-commerce/shop and any other relevant details including price and description.

We favor products that are eco friendly, natural or organic, can ship globally, environmentally sustainable, plant based and homemade.

Products can be vitamins or mineral supplements providing they are compliant with Country requirements, health conscious foods or beverages, beauty products, literature, DIY craft or home decor kits, art, jewelry, fitness accessories or equipment, healthcare digital devices and spiritual wellness tools.

Both Users and Providers are FREE to sign up and enjoy the community at Hip United with access to our Virtual Holistic Health Directory, Resources, Blogs, Shop and Event Calendar.

Account upgrades are available for Users, Service Providers and Businesses.

Click here for a detailed pricing list.

Providers simply complete a form with their banking information and are paid in full on the 1st and 15th each month.

We also pay through PayPal and WISE for International Providers.

Follow us on Facebook to get answers from HIP United staff or take a look at the helpful content in the Resources Library. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just reach out and contact us!


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